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Coche verde

Hoy mi coche—que se apaga y enciende sólo cuando deja de moverse—decidió que ya no era padre contaminar tanto y ya no prendió de vuelta cuando el semáforo cambió de color. Ahí me tienen en Forjadores tapando del tráfico hasta que llegaron unos cholos y me ayudaron a moverlo a un parking.

Nice, no? TRES HORAS después de la llamada a mi servicio de asistencia llegué a casa. Sin contar la llamada que fueron tipo 30-40min al teléfono.

Les juro que lo lavé para la foto pero le apliqué un filtro de polvo en Instagram.

Llegué a la agencia y le hicieron un chanchuy 2016 al coche y ya prendió y yo muerto del coraje, de cualquier modo se tuvo que quedar ahí a diagnóstico. Tuve que ir por mi perra que había dejado en el vet de ride.

Thanks Mayra!

Mac Achaque -- Get It? Guiño

El sonido al inicio de una Mac es como el molesto llanto de los recién nacidos. Si tu Mac lo hace, es que tiene un par de pulmones funcionando perfecto. En serio. Cuál Genius Bar ni qué nada.

Olvida el soporte técnico y dale unas nalgadas a la compu. Con piedra de preferencia para que se le quite el malestar. Igual que como lo harías con un mocoso.

No? Llévala al pediatra pues, si crees en todo ese cuento de la medicina moderna. Blah blah.

Microsoft did it again: moving from Windows Live Domains

For the longest time I’ve been using, and even recommended, Windows Live Domains for custom email service, it worked well for me, it even survived the transition to Outlook.com. It was a happy relationship.

Then, one day I got this email saying the service was being discontinued and they made me the invitation to move to the paid, very expensive Office365 plans; they, however, told me on the email that my current mailboxes would keep working as usual, I just wouldn’t be able any longer to create more users under my registered domains. So, since I didn’t need any more I just kept on using the service.

In the last months several of my email clients stopped logging in to my accounts and at first I blamed it on iCloud keychain sync—you know, you add an email account to your Mac and it syncs everything to all of your computers—I figured, it was just a sync mishap, maybe the password got messed up somewhere along the way. But after changing the password on several Macs it started happening more often and with more accounts.

After a very long conversation, a Microsoft’s support rep couldn’t figure out what was happening—or so he said. I could still access my email on a browser but IMAP was a no go. I was being pushed off to Office365, it was no longer an invitation—they just didn’t say so.

Enraged I signed up with Zoho, this awesome company that has an amazing ideology of what good service is. It reminds me a lot of Telegram Messenger and a little bit of Apple. I had researched it before but never got to it because Windows Live Domains was still working and I didn’t need more accounts. Signing up was easy, I had done it before with another of my domains. Redirected MX records at my DNS server, created the necessary users and started with the migration.

That’s when I hit a brick wall. Knowing IMAP wasn’t working, I enabled POP hoping for the best: the same error was returned, wrong username and/or password. Of course they weren’t wrong but Microsoft was insisting of keeping me out of my email unless I went the webmail route or by using one of their email apps—that I would find out later. Over a year’s worth of receipts and bills, I couldn’t just lose that, it’s too important. Also I couldn’t forward over 2000 emails to the new account over webmail preserving order and format, it’s just impossible.

The Zoho migration tools, which connect as any other mail client, just couldn’t log in. So I went back to IMAP and I tried every hostname I could remember have used for all the time I had been using Windows Live Domains. Eventually I could login via IMAP again but it was not copying shit.

What was going on?

I retried logging in with an email client, Apple Mail, using the IMAP settings that worked only to find out I had an empty mailbox. Panicked I went to Outlook.com to see if it was really gone, false alarm. Somehow IMAP wasn’t reporting any mail at all. That was why Zoho’s migration tools couldn’t work. Annoyed and tired, I looked at my MacBook Pro sitting in my bed…

Just the day before my sister called telling me her computer—that was previously mine—was acting up, apparently Windows 10 updated itself to kill the computer, the same day a little bit later I received a call from one of my employees telling the same story, now, all of my computers except for that one (and a headless automation server) run OS X, but I just didn’t want to spend the money on a Mac for that shop as it was broken into before. So, I saw my Mac on the bed, I’ve been using Windows 10 on it before, I needed it to make a USB drive so I could recover my shop’s PC; I seldom boot into Windows on my Mac but I have it on a small partition ‘cause you never know.

Suddenly it hit me, I could use my Mac booted into Windows to use the included Mail app in Windows to log into my mail, add the new account and drag and drop my email from one account to the other. I do this on Apple Mail all the time, what could possibly go wrong.

When I added the Windows Live Domains account (an Outlook.com account, really) and all my mail started downloading I almost did a happy dance right there even though I’m not much of a dancer. I was ecstatic. While the mail from my old account downloaded into the app I added the new account from Zoho Mail, a regular IMAP account. So I started selecting email from the old account and when it was time to move it to the new one, that’s when I encountered another brick wall. Not possible. The included Mail app in Windows 10, pretty and all, is useless to do anything productive, you can’t move mail from one account to another, you can just move mail within the account (i.e. to another folder.)

I felt like Miss Colombia, cheated on. I had a glimpse of the crown only to have it taken away from me.

I felt like Miss Colombia, cheated on. I had a glimpse of the crown only to have it taken away from me.

Upset, angry, tired and annoyed I was running out of options then it was like something clicked in me: Outlook. Not Outlook.com but Microsoft Office’s Outlook. It’s supposed to be one of the most powerful email clients around (though I think Apple Mail does it better and simpler) and being made by Microsoft, y’know, same as the email provider I wanted to move mail from, what could go wrong. But then again, I had asked myself that question before. I proceeded cautiously.

Since I didn’t have Outlook, first I had to get it. Then I had another of my bright ideas—I was both killing it and being killed today—Office365. I could sign up for Office365, ironically the reason behind all of my problems to begin with yet I didn’t actually have to pay for it, I could just take the trial, install, do my stuff and trash the apps. And so I did.

Signed up (for the second time I may add, more on that in a super big rant later) for the Office365 trial, downloaded the Office suite for Mac, obviously my platform of choice and logged in to my old account successfully. I decided this time I wouldn't get too excited until I confirmed my theory worked. I then added the new account from Zoho Mail and let it sync.

While I added the new account, Outlook was downloading email from my old account along with attachments, about 250MB but for some reason it was taking a very long time. I went to the oldest email select it to see if it was downloaded and then dragged it to the new account. The cursor change to the familiar plus sign in a green bubble that indicated it would be copied, so I hit cmd in the keyboard to move it instead. IT DID.

Uncertainly happy and before starting to cry, possibly shaking—I didn’t know anymore; I went to Zoho webmail to verify this and there it was. My first moved email. I was so happy now. So I waited for it to finish and I’m now moving email in small batches to the new account. I don’t want it to crash on me and have email lost. My accountant needs that information.

Uploading email to the new account

As soon as I’m finished I’m deleting Office and cancelling my trial, if I forget, I asked Siri to remind me twenty-five days from now (so I have a little leeway) that my Office365 subscription is ending and I won’t have to pay a thing. Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were free too by the way; I joined the Windows Insider Program and installed everywhere I could, even in hardware I would never use it again and right after I wiped it from everywhere but from my MacBook Pro. See, once you install Windows 10 you don’t even need a serial number, Microsoft remembers the hardware ID and it just activates itself the next time you reinstall—not that I want to.

That’s because,

Even from doing a clean install Windows 10 will serve you ads right in the OS, it is unacceptable, I mean, I didn’t pay for it but think about those who do. You pay actual money for software and you expect it to be done with it, not for it to be pushing you to pay more for a “more complete” version of it. That’s outrageous. Just like you cannot use an Xbox without having a million ads just served to you, I mean you paid for the box, why can’t that just be all? You’re in essence paying for the advertisement infrastructure.

Also Microsoft is backing down on every decision they make, like the thing where you couldn't lend Xbox games, or when you couldn’t play offline, or when you had unlimited OneDrive storage, or when you had Windows Live Domains for free and and when you would keep them forever, and of course Windows 8. But I guess forever in Microsoft’s terms means just enough time so we lure you in and then we find an excuse to suck the money out of you. There is a ton more but I don’t really follow Microsoft, that’s just from the top of my head.

Remember I told you I had tried Office365 before? I only did it for the OneDrive storage, so I could embed files from it to my websites, it turns out for you cannot just do that, you are presented (as a guest) with some kind of sign in page, or at the very least some reminder, an interface, that you are downloading FROM OneDrive. That’s free publicity they’re giving themselves, even though they shouldn’t as I’m paying for the storage. My data, my way. Not to mention they will go through you data if they feel like it.

They also pucker up and bend down if asked by the government to hand off you personal data, and their position regarding this comes and goes like a piston in an engine block. Microsoft is a company not to trust. Even though I’m an Apple user—OS X, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, you name it, I breathe it all—I had, until this email drama, a lot of trust on Microsoft, just because they’re big and they’re are more or less a serious company. I no longer do.

Windows 10. Where do I start? The forced updates, the telemetry, the ads. OMG.

The forced updates. No, they don’t care about your security; it’s all about money. If Windows is up to date that means less chance of pirated copies. But they don’t understand, hackers will always find a way. They need to rethink their strategy, and it seems they’re doing it as they’re selling computers now, they’re going all Apple. But they can’t go all the way because they have partners, like Dell, and Asus, and HP, and the others. Also, an always-updated OS means less support calls. Again, it’s all about money.

Ads. Why the fuck would you show me advertisements on something I paid for. Isn’t it fully paid? Is there somewhere in the EULA that said I have to keep paying it forever in order to use it? Windows is more like a paid freemium nowadays. It started since Windows 8. I bought a computer just to see what it was like—the computer now my sister owns. It showed ads on most its Metro apps to “paid for the services.” Again, where do I start? If you can’t offer it completely, just don’t. Microsoft doesn’t give up with the wow-factor instead of focusing in actual functionality, the reason I chose OS X and iOS over Windows and Android. It feels gimmicky instead of useful. It feels Samsung-y. And what happened with Windows 8? Well, you know the story.

Now with Windows 10, reviewers rave about it mostly because it’s the old Windows again. But I can’t seem to get any work done, or if I do, not as fast as I can on a Mac. From the missing OS X’s Hot Corners to the impossibly convoluted Control Panel and hidden settings and codes you have to dig for for hours not only on a Google web search and but in command prompts too, I just can’t.

And finally, telemetry. Nearly every service collects some amount of data today, that’s okay but there needs to be a switch to disable it. It must be an opt-in, not an opt-out process.

When you install Windows all the settings that benefit Microsoft are turned on by default and they try very hard to trick you into accepting them by presenting you with a big EXPRESS SETTINGS button and the alternative being a tiny text link—how can you trust an OS that’s trying to fool you from the get-go. Even if you’re very careful and choose not to send anything to Microsoft, Windows is still collecting telemetry data. As I understand that data is anonymous, allegedly, and helps Windows get better. But the thing is, I don’t care if it’s for the greater good, as long as the company who sold me the OS is still benefiting from me without me to have the option to say no—scratch that—without having me opting-in firstly. This is a huge issue. I don’t care if they save AIDS-ridden babies working in a shoe factory for half a cent an hour in central Africa with this, it has to be my decision.

I get that Macs are expensive. But everything I’ve written so far can be dealt with on a Mac with absolutely no third party software.

Microsoft, get your shit together and enough with the greediness.

It’s all about money.

UPDATE: Some hours later I spell-checked some stuff and made some small references but the post is largely the same. Thanks for your time if you made it this far.