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Drugss are supposeddd to be funnn


“People talk to me about the old days…They say..they wanna go back… 
Back to the happy days of house…they say… I wanna go back to the days before clubs had medics, you know- before they had a special room to sling the twitching bitches…

I say…We can’t go back 
The drag queens say to me… I wanna go back to when trannys were ruling.. When heels and lipstick meant something.. When people dressed up to go out… 
Today… people go out to get fucked up
Ravers would say to me- I want to go back to when people hugged in clubs and actually FELT the love. You didn’t need ten pills just to hit the dance floor. They had smiley faces on their t-shirts. 
The Cocaine queens say to me.. they wanna go back to the days before GHB, Crystal Meth, and K.   
Taking a cork, a pipe, and a syringe to a club?? Honey that’s hard work.  
Drugs are supposed to be FUN——
I say….We can’t go back…
We can stand still or go forward….stand still, or go forward, we can stand still, or go forward.
We Can’t Go BAck ———- “ **dirty house beats* 

lol I luv this ~!! we cant go back we can only go forward~Long live the Rave

Do you by any chance know the name of this song and who sings it? I’ve been looking for it for about two years now. I have it in a set and drives me crazy. Good crazy.

Please share!